eBook: The Essential Role of User Activity Monitoring in Multi-Layer Insider Threat Management

When Insider Threat systems are built by combining user activity monitoring with disjointed, overlapping and  frequently incompatible control and response systems, the result can create major challenges and security concerns for an organization:

   Employee Monitoring

+ Data Loss Prevention

+ Response 

=  Multi-Layer Insider Threat Security

The Problem with Patchwork

The Solution: Integrated Multi-Layer Platform

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Operational Complexity

High Compliance & Audit Costs

Security Gaps

Delays in Response Time

Read this eBook to learn how to build a cohesive platform that was built from the ground up to deliver a seamless end-to-end Insider Threat Security program that gives you:

Better visibility and tighter set of controls

Interoperability and shared data between components

Simplified Deployment

Streamlined Response Workflows

User Activity Monitoring + DLP + Incident Response